Retrolution's mission

Our mission is to help companies in their transformation to become more Agile, efficient but also responsible and better place to work.

We believe that to do so, companies and management have to be more people-oriented and bottom-up.

Change should not be a scary word, but a mindset diffused in the organization. But change is not something that should be driven solely by the organization. Change has to be driven locally, by teams, by people, by You.

But we know you are busy. Why would you care?

  • Aren’t you sometimes frustrated by your current process?
  • Are you used to missed deadlines?
  • Maybe you just hope things will get better?

If so, this might be a good time to gather with people you work with, look at the way you work together, and see what you could improve? We call such a meeting a RETROSPECTIVE MEETING.

Retrospectives meetings have been popularised in the Software Development industries, in particular by SCRUM, still the most popular Agile Framework. They have proven to be very useful to help people collaborate and improve their day to day job.

The good news is you don’t have to be in the Software Industry or sustain a complex organizational change to benefits from the retrospective meetings output. That is were Retrolution step in. Retrolution is a product whose goal is to help every organization in the retrospective revolution. We provide both educational content to help you master the art of retrospective, and a set of tools to help you track your changes and progress over time.

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